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[Safety materials] -The toys are made of soft rubber, with good elasticity and good bite resistance. This pair of dog gummies are soft, gentle, durable, bite resistant and safe to play with. [Interactive Game] -Fill the container with your pet’s favorite snack and when the dog rolls or chews the ball, the snack falls out of the little hole. This can spark interest and encourage your pup to play with this UFO to treat the ball. Your pup will enjoy interactive food and slow feeding. [Promote brain development of pets] – can help pets improve IQ and mental stimulation, use dog snacks to train your puppy to bring food into the body and stimulate physically and mentally pets instead of using boring rubber dog toys and chew toy. [Reduce Destructive Behaviors] – This toy reduces annoying and destructive behaviors, such as chewing, biting and damaging furniture. Reward your pup for being active! [Fashionable Design and Appropriate Size] – UFOs with grooves and scars largely deal with toy design. Facilitate outside interaction. Suitable for small, medium and large animals, not suitable for aggressive fillers.


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